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Globalimpex is a flexible and independent advisory company, always searching for new business opportunities. Therefore we welcome and appreciate any new ideas and investment plans.

We are ready to carefully evaluate all your business proposals with professional attitude and individual approach.

Kindly find examples of some projects where Globalimpex is currently involved:

Acquisitions & expansion / Agriculture

Our client is a foreign investment group running business in the agriculture sector. Currently the client is operating more than 9.000 ha of land. The client is willing to expand by new acquisitions of similar businesses in Slovakia. Globalimpex was requested to provide clients’ shareholders with following services: preparation of due diligence, enterprise value calculation, market study focused on local market, selection of the suitable financial houses for clients’ acquisitions in Slovakia, preparing information teaser, support in financial founds collection. At the same time Globalimpex is looking for agriculture businesses or related small/medium FMCG concepts with vertically diversified operations in Slovakia.

For more information please contact info@globalimpex.sk.

Strategic - financial partner / Automotive

Our client is a Joint Venture company created by Slovakian and Italian based companies established in 2010 in order to support business of their top customers with operations located in Slovakia. The client is providing unique services focusing on high quality management and engineering, sorting, reworks, residence services, employee’s trainings and management support mainly to their automotive customers. The client successfully entered into his first strategic contract in 2011 and initiated operation since March 2012. Globalimpex advised the process of JV establishment and company set up in Slovakia and arranged OPEX financing to the JV and its Slovak mother company for 2012 operations.  

For any further information about possible cooperation with this exceptional and growing business concept please contact info@globalimpex.sk.

Strategic & financial partner / FMCG

Our client is one of major players in FMCG segment in Slovakia since 2008. The client is operating supermarkets in Slovakia with a yearly turnover EUR 80-100 mil. Globalimpex is supporting shareholders seeking strategic and/or financial investors to support expansion plans of the client. For more information about this investment opportunity please contact info@globalimpex.sk.

Acquisition opportunities / Energy

Our client is a traditional supplier of turnkey photovoltaic (PV) power plants and qualified specialist for their operations. Besides conventional PV ground installations the client supplies also unique HI-TECH technologies and installations where real estate investors and facility managers can significantly optimize energy costs of their buildings.

Due to the interest of our clients and international investments founds we are looking for acquisition opportunities in field of alternative energy supplies. We are ready to evaluate any opportunity and provide flexible feedback. For more information please contact info@globalimpex.sk.

CAPEX financing / Energy

The client is a financial investor preparing EUR 12 mil investment project. The project consists of 2 power stations, each with electric capacity 1MWe, waste management facility and the education center, all located in the capital city of the Slovakia. Globalimpex is supporting the client during the preparation process, negotiations with suppliers and local banks in order to fix funds for this project. Finalization of the 1st phase (2x 1MW power plants construction) is scheduled by end of 2012.

Start up / Beverages  

The client is a local producer of the unique drink called “Good Night Drink”. The production started in 2010 and drink popularity is growing among countries like Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, New Zealand and Australia. The drink is the opposite concept to the most popular worldwide known energy drinks, as it differs in approach and purpose. Good Night is a lightly carbonated drink specially developed to relieve feelings of stress and improve quality of sleep. The competition in this segment is very limited. You will find more information about this product at: www.goodnightdrink.com. Globalimpex was hired to support the management in the first stage of its operations. Our advice to the client was “Organize and develop the concept to the level when the production and markets will be secured and the brand is attractive for potential partners (strategic, distributor, banks)”. Currently we are looking for suitable distributors and sales channels worldwide. For more information please contact info@globalimpex.sk.