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Our client base comprises mainly small and medium sized companies with growing businesses, local and international organizations, privately owned companies, family owned companies, government organizations, superannuation and investment funds non-profit organizations, all covering a diverse range of services and industries.

Transactions are complex and with many different parties and interests involved, Executive managers or Shareholders themselves need reliable and independent advice. Therefore they find it helpful to have us providing a 'second view ' on a contemplated course of action or to review and sign-off on the work performed by other service providers.  

“ We are ready to support your business with innovative solutions “


It is important for us to be familiar with our clients and their businesses. Knowledge of the local market and local relationships on different levels are important for successful completion of any transaction in which we are supporting our clients.  However combination of our experience with other markets and well-established network of partners located worldwide provides a significant advantage to our clients, consequentially saving their time and money.


Globalimpex is the ideal partner for private or institutional investors requiring personal advice, individual investment strategies or new business relations. We fully understand the specific requirements of a vast universe of investors.


Whether the challenge is to find new avenues of business expansions, optimize operations, improve clients´ risk profile, or inspire the organization to act in different ways, Our clients have confidence that we will make a real impact on their top and bottom lines.


An initial consultation begins the process of defining the client’s profile. Through this consultation we are able to identify your needs, goals in terms of capital growth or requirements, steady income, liquidity, risks and other important criteria. With regards to your company profile and within the framework of your risk tolerance, Globalimpex creates a balanced approach comprised of investment instruments suited to your pre-defined objectives.